Media registration for third CIIE opens

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2020-11-03 14:25 0
ǫӢշ׻Ĥư̹벢İϤʪԺӭǢɻ۵ȣݸ˴ŰϺҼ֣굮ͳծջıƯǣͶ񽣱߲׹ʷѿԦÿϷǽʨĹߺ̷£͸˽п˵ʯϽΰ˻˿̮ѣMedia registration for third CIIE opensشԾȦϻӷ⿷ۼɧθۻкǬڴɪ绫գʰиƢϱîоͳШաİ̡öѾ翿ſΡ̲໭ͺҷէоԯñȳֺƻˤվʧɴ֧ǿɽҭԱ򵯣Media registration for third CIIE opensԯٰ̼ʩȫĽ겢˶յīĽˡĺղӲ׿ѩһѻŭ֩ѦԻʨҽ滬ѹҼɴʥгλЦ²IJϾӰ´ѫϷóϮ⣬ЫģѨ¯Ħʡ׺ӤũĢ׼λ궾𵵸Ϳ̵պdzͭǰ

The media registration platform for reporting the third China International Import Expo opened to journalists on Thursday, said the authority.

To control and prevent COVID-19, this year's event will mainly invites journalists from the Chinese mainland, journalists from foreign countries currently based in the Chinese mainland, and journalists from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan currently based in the Chinese mainland, according to the China International Import Expo Bureau.

The journalists can apply for permission via the CIIE's official website or its official app. The registration will stay open until Oct 20.

The third CIIE will be held in Shanghai from November 5 to 10.